When to Buy Eternity Rings

Eternity rings make great gifts for someone special in your life for any occasion. Often someone will buy eternity rings to give to their special someone in on the anniversary of the day they met or the day they knew they were in love, to celebrate the birth of a child, to memorialise a special wedding anniversary or to commemorate a re-dedication of their commitment to each other.

Some couples chose eternity rings as their wedding rings. Eternity rings are simple and timeless making them an excellent wedding band choice to compliant almost any style engagement ring. The sparkle of an eternity ring will last forever unlike some white gold wedding bands that dull with age.

Increasingly popular as a symbol of everlasting love, eternity rings are a band with diamonds or other precious stones set all the way around the band. Other popular choices of stones are emeralds, rubies and sapphires. If the ring is being given to celebrate the birth of a child or commemorate the birth of several children incorporating the birthstone(s) of the child or children is a unique and special design for the eternity ring. The eternity ring’s continuous circle of diamonds (or other stones) symbolizes your continuous and never ending love.

There are also half eternity rings with the gemstones set only on one side of the band. While these half eternity rings do not have the symbolic continuous circle of diamonds (or other stones) they are popular because the half eternity rings are not as thick as the full rings with diamonds all the way around the band. The thickness of the full eternity rings is sometimes uncomfortable especially for women with smaller fingers. Half eternity rings are also less expensive because they can be purchased ready-made and sized to fit your finger. Full eternity rings are more expensive because they have to be custom made. A of a full band of stones cannot be sized later; they to be made to fit the finger.

Some prefer the half eternity ring because you can set the ring with larger stones than are possible with the full eternity ring where the stones circle the entire band.

Eternity rings often use square or oblong stones because they are easier to set end to end. However any shape stone can be set in an eternity ring.

Some people designate a meaning for each stone in the eternity ring. For example, one stone represents the day they met, the second stone their first kiss, the third their engagement and the forth their wedding day. Other stones represent the birth of their children or other special events in the couple’s relationship.

Some couples leave stones un-designated to be designated in the future as they make memories together in the future.

Eternity rings are typically worn on the same finger as the wedding ring and engagement ring. Some women chose to wear the eternity ring with their engagement ring instead of their wedding ring others chose to wear the eternity ring with their wedding ring in place of their engagement ring.

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