What Are Wedding Ring Sets?

Wedding ring sets sometimes called bridal sets are typically an engagement ring and matching wedding ring with similar or complimentary designs, metals, settings and stones. Occasionally you will see the term “wedding ring sets” used to describe matching his and her wedding bands.

Wedding ring sets tips

Wedding ring sets that include perfectly matched engagement and wedding rings are thought to be symbolic of the unity of the relationship you are creating and are a beautiful way for the bride to be able to comfortably wear both her wedding ring and engagement ring on the same finger. Designed to fit neatly together the rings are made to nest closely one above the other without gaps.

When buying a wedding ring set you need to follow the same guidelines as buying separate wedding and engagement rings. Set your budget first. Select the style of rings you are interested in and the metal or gems stones you want to incorporate in the rings.

Your budget may influence the type of metal you select for your ring. For example, platinum is expensive so if your budget can not accommodate platinum you will want to look at a white or yellow gold ring. Compared to platinum gold is relatively inexpensive.

Another interesting and inexpensive choice of metals is palladium. Palladium offers exceptional value for money. Palladium rings are typically less than half the price of an identical design made from platinum.

Whether plain or patterned or set with gem stones, your choice of wedding ring sets is a personal choice and should reflect your personal taste, the type of other jewellery you wear, your budget, your lifestyle and if you intend to wear the rings everyday or occasionally. There is no right or wrong choice of style, metal or design.

His and her wedding ring sets

His and her wedding ring sets are important to some couples. If you are looking for a matching wedding ring set for you and your significant other make sure you shop together and that your choice of metal, style and design works for both of you. The rings do not have to be identical they can be complimentary and often are different widths to fit comfortably on the bride’s and the groom’s fingers.

Take your time and choose a ring or wedding ring set that you will enjoy wearing for years to come. After all you are entering into a relationship with the intent that it will last for many years and you would like your choice of rings to last as long. Be careful of selecting a trendy or fashionable ring that may go out of style quickly. On the other hand do not feel constrained by tradition. Look for the middle ground; something stylish and striking but with a tasteful design that will have lasting appeal.

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