Wedding Rings for Men

When selecting a gent’s wedding ring for a gent it is important to consider your lifestyle and personality as well as finding a ring that is comfortable to wear and fits within your budget.


An important consideration is will you be wearing your ring at work or while participating in sports or leisure activities that may damage your ring. If you intend to wear your wedding ring at work or while participating in rough leisure activities are there special considerations you need to take into account in terms of the design and metal the ring is made of so that the ring will stand-up to your day-to-day activities.

Many men who work with their hands find it easier to not wear their ring at work. Wearing the ring only on weekends and special occasions allows you to expand your choices of designs and metals. Another option is to wear your wedding ring on a neck chain while at work.


A major consideration when selecting a wedding ring is to find a ring that is comfortable to wear. This is a much bigger concern for men who have not worn rings in the past. Keep in mind that thinner bands are generally more comfortable than thicker bands. Bands with rounded rather than sharp edges are often more comfortable.

Consider a comfort curve ring that is curved on the inside of the band, rather than having a flat inner surface.

To ensure a comfortable fit you must try on the rings and select the one that feels the most natural on your finger.


Gold is one of the most popular wedding ring metals. Wedding rings are typically 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold. The higher the proportion of gold used in the ring, the more hard the metal in the ring will be. However the difference in the hardness of a 9ct and 18ct ring is small.

A man who works with his hands might find a titanium ring a suitable option. This high tech metal is much stronger than traditional gold, silver or platinum rings (titanium is the hardest metal in the world) and is also lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Another great metal choice is platinum. Platinum is a very attractive white metal, like silver or white gold – but is much denser, heavier and more hardwearing metal.

Although typically more expensive, platinum wedding rings are my pick for the best wedding rings for men.

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