Titanium wedding rings – built for fighter pilots

Titanium Wedding RingTitanium is a relatively new metal option for wedding rings. It is often called a “space age metal” because it is lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. It’s most recognized usage is in commercial and military aircraft – and even spacecraft!

Titanium can be used in both men’s and women’s wedding rings – but is currently most popular with men.

So, why might you consider a titanium wedding ring?

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly – being very strong and durable, a titanium wedding ring offers a symbolic sense of strength and longevity. This is an attractive feature for many couples. After all, wedding rings are all about symbolism.

It is a common misconception that titanium rings have a dark or dull industrial look. Modern titanium jewellery can be highly polished like platinum – or brushed, sandblasted or etched on the surface.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of titanium wedding rings is that they are very hardwearing. If the wearer does a lot of manual work then a titanium ring would be a great choice.

In terms of price, titanium rings can be very good value for money – typically significantly cheaper than an equivalent ring in platinum.

One tip to consider with titanium wedding rings is that resizing can be more difficult than for softer metals. Small changes in size can be straightforward – but for larger changes, the ring may have to be rebuilt.

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