Platinum Engagement Rings – The Ultimate Expression of Love

Your engagement is a special event and the engagement ring which is the physical symbol of that event should be special too. Platinum engagement rings may cost a little more than other types of engagement rings but they are well worth the added expense.

We recommend you purchase a platinum ring. While all final decisions in jewelry are all about personal taste there are some basic facts you should know and consider about platinum before you make your final choice.

Platinum is the perfect metal for diamond engagement rings. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • Platinum is a beautiful silvery-white shiny metal
  • Platinum when properly polished has a lustre that is a perfect compliant to the sparkle and fire of a beautiful diamond
  • Platinum’s strength and durability make it hard to break  making platinum the perfect metal for holding precious gems in their settings (platinum prongs are sometimes used in rings made of less durable metals to ensure the security of the stone in the setting)
  • Platinum is unique, 35 times rarer than gold
  • Platinum about twice a valuable as gold
  • Platinum is durable, scratch resistant and easy to care for (it can be cleaned with soap and water and if scraped or scratched can be re-polished to its original lustre)
  • Platinum does not rust, corrode or tarnish
  • Platinum is hypoallergenic
  • Platinum’s rarity and durability makes it the perfect symbol of the uniqueness and enduring nature of your love.

Platinum has a long and rich history. Platinum has been a symbol of royalty since 700BC. In ancient times kings and their families were buried in sarcophaguses decorated with platinum. The Incas used platinum for ceremonial jewellery. And while out of favour for a few hundred years, in the 1780’s King Louis XVI of France declared platinum the only metal fit for kings and more recently the crown Queen Elizabeth wore during her and George the VI’s coronation in 1937, was made of platinum.

Most platinum today is mined in Russia and South Africa. The pure platinum ore is usually mixed with other metals when used in jewellery. It is not recommended you choose any platinum alloy with a purity of less than 90% for jewellery. The addition of more than 10% of other metals to the platinum may compromise the positive characteristics of the platinum.

While platinum is more expensive than most other metals used in engagement rings it is definitely worth the cost to choose a platinum engagement ring. If you can scrimp other places in your wedding budget in order to work the cost of platinum into your budget you will not regret purchasing a platinum engagement ring.

If you purchase a platinum engagement ring you will do so with the knowledge the ring will last a lifetime and look as beautiful in the distant future as it did the day you first put the ring on her finger.

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