How to choose a metal for your wedding ring

Men have a free range when choosing their wedding rings, they can choose whichever metal they like based on the colour of their ring choice. If you want a yellow colour then 9ct or 18ct gold rings are the most popular choice, if you are looking for a white colour then 9ct or 18ct white gold, palladium or platinum will be popular.

Remember when choosing that 9ct and 18ct are rhodium plated and will gradually fade in time to yellow so ever so often you will have to get the ring re coated to make it white again 9ct is worse than 18ct for this. Palladium and platinum won’t do this and your only thought would be price with palladium being less than half the price of platinum.

Palladium is a fairly new choice of metal for a wedding ring with its looks similar to that of platinum. It has half the amount of platinum in it in comparison to platinum, Palladium now benefits from a hallmark after years of stringent testing. Palladium is also about 12% harder than a platinum ring making it more hardwearing.

Ladies have more to consider in their wedding rings purchase, the wedding ring metal should be based on the metal already chosen in your engagement ring and you should in practice choose the same. Choosing different metals can lead to the softer metalled ring being eroded in time due to general wear and tear. If you have a yellow engagement ring and want to come away from this colour a good choice may be a two tone ring so you can incorporate white and yellow, keeping the same colour on the edges to match your engagement ring and white in the centre.

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