Hot Trends in Wedding Rings

With almost limitless options available, choosing your wedding rings will be one of the toughest decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding.

To help, we’ve put together our list of the hottest trends we’re seeing right now in wedding ring design. In our list we’ve tried to avoid the gimmicks and pick out the trends that have some longevity.

So, here they are:

Unique Designs

Unique DesignThe strongest trend we are seeing right now is that standard mass produced wedding rings are no longer acceptable to modern couples. These days, couples are demanding wedding rings that truly symbolise their own unique and enduring love.

For some, this means choosing an international design such as a Celtic, Arabic and Russian ring – all of which are becoming more popular as they become accessible to shoppers.

For others, a special personalisation such as an engraving on the inside or outside of the wedding rings. Wedding dates in roman numerals engraved on the outside surface of the wedding ring are very popular at the moment.

Bliss have helped many couples create truly unique rings by helping to customise the design, metal, finish, width and many other attributes of their rings.

Ergonomic Designs

ErgonomicPersonalisation does not end with choosing decorative features that have special meaning to the wearer. A growing trend is to select a ring that is built to suit the wearer’s lifestyle.

In particular, the wearer’s levels of day to day activity or type of work are important considerations for a wedding ring to be comfortable and remain in good condition over the years. People that work more with their hands or spend time in the gym are considering more durable metals such as Platinum or Titanium – and are also choosing gemstone settings that are less prone to damage and loss of the stones.

Ergonomic shapes such as Court or Flat Court wedding rings are more comfortable and less prone to pinching than flat designs.

Right now, smart customers are demanding that ergonomic features are included in their designs so that their rings are both beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Modern Metals

Modern MetalsTraditionally, yellow gold was the standard for ladies and gents wedding rings. In recent years white metals such as white gold and platinum have surpassed yellow gold in popularity.

Today, there is a dizzying array of metals to choose from, including relative newcomers to the wedding ring scene – palladium, titanium and tungsten. The selection is further broadened by rings that feature multiple metals or metal colours – or special finishes such as brushed, sandblasted and etched.

The biggest trend we are seeing is the rise in popularity of platinum. Although it is more expensive than white gold, platinum is more durable and has a heavier, more substantial feel. And perhaps because of its price, platinum carries more prestige over gold and palladium – making it the metal of choice for those unrestricted by budget.

Resurgence of Traditional Bands

Traditional BandsDespite (or perhaps because of) the ever increasing range of options for wedding bands – and the increasing complexity of modern designs, we’ve seen that many couples are returning to simple, traditional wedding bands.

To many couples, plain bands best symbolise their eternal love and devotion for each other. Other features such as gemstones, special finishes and complex patterns can be saved for other items of jewellery.

Final Note

Your wedding rings are something that you should enjoy both on your wedding day and for decades to come – so be sure to select rings that will truly stand the test of time.

All Bliss Rings advisors are experienced and knowledgeable in helping couples to navigate the almost limitless range of options available – and ultimately select beautiful, timeless designs that match their individual style and budget.

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