Frequently Asked Questions



1) Is there any charge for an appointment for you to come and see us?

No, all appointments are completely free of charge.

2) When can you come and visit us, is it only during the day?

Appointments can be made at a day and time that suits you. We are happy to visit you in the day time, evening, or during the weekend. Evenings tend to be the most popular appointment times.

3) Do I have to buy a ring during an appointment?

Absolutely not. Bliss Rings advisors are there to help you to choose a ring that is right for you. We will not pressurize you into buying anything you don’t want or are unable to afford. We are happy to give you ideas and prices at your appointment and leave you to think it over.

4) How long will an appointment take?

All appointments differ in time and we are happy to stay as long as you need. There is no time limit on our appointments and you can take as long as you need to browse and try on our range of rings. You will not feel hurried or pushed into making a decision.

5) How long do the rings take to make?

All Bliss rings are made to order and will take approximately 5 weeks to make and deliver to you.

6) Do I have to pay the full amount for the rings at the appointment or are there other options?

There are several payment options available when purchasing your rings. You can 1) make full payment at the time you order, 2) split the payments 50% deposit on order and 50% prior to final delivery, or 3) make a 25% deposit on order and spread the remainder as INTEREST FREE monthly payments until your wedding. Ask your advisor to explain payment options in more detail. We accept cash, cheque or credit / debit cards.

7) My engagement ring is a funny shape what can I do?

Most of our rings can be shaped around your engagement ring. There is a small additional charge for this service and we will need to take your ring for around 5 weeks to get a perfect fit whilst we make your wedding ring.

While your engagement ring is with us it is fully insured. We know that being without your engagement ring will be hard and we always do our best to return it to you as quickly as possible.

8) I have seen a wedding ring I like in a magazine - can you make this?

We are happy to price a wedding ring from a picture in a magazine or on the Internet. We can even turn a drawing or sketch into a beautiful wedding ring.

9) Can I get my wedding ring resized in the future?

Yes, in most cases you can have your wedding ring resized. Some exceptions apply, including rings with multiple diamonds, spinning rings or rings made out of titanium and other strong materials. Ask your advisor for details about this.

10) Can I use my own diamonds in a wedding ring?

Yes, we are happy to use a customer’s own diamonds in a wedding ring.

11) I like one of your rings but want to make it slightly different from the sample. Is this possible?

Definitely! Since all Bliss rings are made to order, you can change any part of the ring to make it more unique to you. You can change the metal, width, diamonds or any other feature. Our knowledgeable advisors will be able to guide you through this process.

12) Your prices seem very cheap. Why is this?

Compared to many of our competitors, Bliss Rings have few overheads – such as maintaining expensive high street stores. This is reflected in our prices and it means that your wedding ring budget will go much further – perhaps a better quality metal, heavier weight or even some additional diamonds.

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