Celebrate Your Lifelong Commitment with an Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is a special way to celebrate your lifelong commitment and ongoing love for your spouse.

They are often exchanged formally at a renewal of vows ceremony – but can also be presented more intimately on a special occasion, such as a wedding or engagement anniversary.

There are no rigid customs as to when an eternity ring should be given – as there can be no restrictions on when a couple wishes to renew and celebrate their declaration of love.

Eternity ring design

Because an eternity ring is a statement of the shared experience of your years and love together, most couples prefer to have some input into the design of their eternity rings. For this reason, custom eternity ring designs are very popular.

You can customise the design, metal, finish, width and many other attributes of your eternity rings – such as the number of diamonds incorporated into the design.

Full eternity rings have stones (typically diamonds) all the way around the band. Depending on the specific design, full eternity rings can sometimes be impractical to wear as they often need to be thick on the underside of the ring.

Half eternity rings – where the diamonds are set on the top half of the ring only – can be a more practical and cheaper option.

When designing the ring, you may want to consider special events or landmarks in your married life that you wish to be expressed in your ring design. For example, placing a diamond for each of your children is a wonderful idea.

When deciding on the metal for an eternity ring, many of the same guidelines apply for choosing a metal for a wedding ring. Ladies should choose a metal that compliments that of their engagement and wedding rings.

Remember that an eternity ring is an expression of your love and lifelong commitment – so the most important thing is that your eternity rings say something about your special relationship.

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