Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rings for Women

Womens Wedding RingMost guys do not buy wedding rings for women without first consulting the wife-to-be. Engagement rings are typically purchased in secret to surprise the lady – but wedding rings are most often bought together. This is a good thing because it avoids the size issue. To purchase wedding rings for women you must know their ring size – and just as important – what sort of wedding ring will match their engagement ring.

What if the ring you spend all that time searching for and purchasing does not fit your bride’s finger or sit perfectly with her engagement ring?

My recommendation is that unless you have already had a discussion about wedding rings and already know what she wants, you don’t want to risk choosing your bride’s wedding ring without her being there. If you are sure you know what your bride wants in a wedding ring go for it; otherwise make the selection of your wedding rings a joint decision.

For example, wedding rings for women can match the groom’s ring – or the bride and groom can choose rings of entirely different styles.  Either is appropriate. It really is a matter of personal taste.

Selecting wedding rings for women

Selecting wedding rings for women can be tricky; there are so many decisions to make. If your bride has already decided she wants her ring to match her engagement ring as a set, some of your decisions such as which metals to select and the profile of the ring will already be determined by the engagement ring it is going to match.

In selecting wedding rings for women you need to consider the woman’s lifestyle. If your bride is a gardener or uses her hands in her profession you will want to choose a ring that will not be damaged easily. Selecting wedding rings for women who work with their hands means that you should find a ring made from a durable metal that will not easily scratch or bend. You will want to avoid wedding rings with settings that could catch on something and cause the stone to come loose. If you do get a wedding ring with a setting make sure the setting is secure.

If you are selecting a wedding ring with a stone, make sure you have read about the stone and understand how to evaluate the stone’s quality. For diamonds, familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s: cut, clarity, colour and caret. There are similar measures of quality for all gem stones.

The three most popular metals for wedding rings for women are yellow gold, white gold and platinum but there are many other choices including palladium and tungsten.

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