Choosing diamonds for your wedding ring

Choosing a diamond for your ring can be a confusing process. You are probably already familiar with the 4 C’s of diamonds. These are the 4 factors that contribute to the value and the beauty of a diamond.

The 4 C’s are:

  1. Cut – the shape and proportions of the diamond. The cut has a big impact on the “sparkle” and wow-factor of the diamond.
  2. Clarity – the number and size of “inclusions” in the diamond – and to what extent these imperfections are visible to the naked eye.
  3. Colour – the amount of color the diamond contains. This can range from colorless through to yellow, gray or brown.
  4. Carat – the unit of weight for the diamond – in other words, the diamond’s size.

Individual diamonds are evaluated by a number of grading authorities across the world. One of the largest is the Gemological Institute of America.

Larger diamonds, such as those used in engagement rings are typically sold with a grader certificate that provides detailed information on the diamond including the 4 C’s.

When selecting diamonds for a wedding ring we recommend as far as possible that you match the grade of the wedding ring diamond with the diamond on your engagement ring or gents commitment ring.

This is particularly important for the colour grade of the diamond – since variations of diamond colour can be quite apparent when the rings are worn next to each other on the same finger.

All Bliss Rings diamonds are of the highest quality – with a minimum VS1 clarity and G/H colour. Ask us for more information on matching your wedding ring with your engagement ring.

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