Are Platinum Wedding Rings Worth The Price Tag?

Platinum is a beautiful, durable, scratch and tarnish resistant, shiny (you will never have to have the ring re-plated like gold bands) and hypoallergenic choice of metal for a wedding band.

Ring designers are making intricate, detailed platinum wedding bands either with elaborate designs or with gem stones set into the platinum band. These modern platinum wedding bands are truly works of art you will be proud to wear for years to come.

So is platinum worth the extra cost? We think so.

If you have the budget to buy platinum there is no reason to go with any other metal choice. Platinum is a great choice of metal for any wedding band and is particularly well suited for someone who intends to wear their wedding band everyday or participates in leisure activities that could damage the ring.

Platinum’s history is as interesting as the metal; platinum gained popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries as a sought after metal for jewellery for royalty and the wealthy.

White gold was actually first used in wedding bands as a more inexpensive alternative to platinum during the Second World War when platinum was in scarce supply for other than military purposes. White gold or silver however is simply not as sturdy or durable as platinum.

Even in today’s tough economic times platinum wedding bands remain very popular.

If you were considering compromising on your choice of a platinum wedding band for budget considerations here are a few factors to consider.

Platinum is a pure metal unlike other white jewellery metals like white gold which are metal alloys. Because it is naturally white it will never turn yellow like white gold wedding bands do when the rhodium plating wears off. It is also whiter than white gold with no yellowish hues.

The shiny white brilliance of platinum makes it the perfect metal to show off diamonds set into your wedding band. The strength of platinum makes the settings more durable.

The biggest advantage is platinum is four times stronger than white gold and therefore much less likely to scratch, dent or bend. And platinum prongs just don’t wear out or bend as much so your diamond will stay secure in its setting. Platinum wedding bands will truly last a lifetime.

Your wedding ring is an important symbol of your eternal commitment and hopefully you will be wearing this wedding band for years to come. A platinum wedding band will cost you a little more now but will look as good years from now as it does the day you first put it on your finger.

Platinum is virtually maintenance free requiring less frequent polishing than white gold and never needing re-plated to maintain its brilliant white colour. Some even prefer the wear and tear that develops with platinum over time as a symbol of the history of the ring.

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